What are the types of 925 real silver?

925 real silver

This might be surprising for you that they are types of silver. Here are some questions that may arise. Our sterling silver and 925 real silver the same? What type of silver jewelry is made of? 


How to observe 925 real silver 


This article will help you to differentiate between the different types of silver. There are multiple types of silver in the market today. It is essential to be comfortable with the contending metals in the commercial center to teach your clients about wholesale sterling silver quality principles and choices in the business.

Try not to expect you are purchasing real silver adornments supplies when something is classified “silver.”


925 real silver

Types of silver

What does it mean when we say that there are” types” of silver? Silver is very soft and to make it hard we add in different types of metals. The different types of metals added are the types of silver. 

Here are a few of them:


999 Sterling Silver Jewelry


The closest of the silver jewelry piece is .999 sterling silver. This is because it contains 99.9% (as the name suggests) of pure silver. The rest 0.1% is made of other metals. 925 real silver This type of silver is also called fine silver. It shines brighter than other silver jewelry. It is ideal for necklaces and earrings and not rings and bracelets because these tend to scratch more often. 

This particular type of silver is soft therefore it should be handled with a lot of care. It can easily change its shape. It is less commonly used because of its malleable property. It is not a long-lasting metal and can de-shaped with time.


However, on the positive side if we see it has almost all of the pure silver. It is highly resistant to tarnish quickly so you don’t need to worry about that. Mostly, you will see the hallmarks labeled on the silver as “.999” or “S999”. wholesale silver jewelry Therefore, you need to take care of before buying precious and beautiful fine 999 jewelry.

Below is a table that shows some pros and cons of fine sterling silver jewelry.


Purest of all silver jewelrySoft
Good for hypoallergenic skinNot robust
Shinier than other jewelryDe-shapes after period


925 real silver

Nickel Silver Jewelry


This type of silver is also known as German silver. It is a wrong belief that nickel silver is silver and contains some percentage of silver. But nickel only contains 60% of copper, 20% of nickel, and 20% of zinc.

It is the color which refers to as silver because the appearance of nickel jewelry is very much similar to 925 real silver. This type of jewelry is mostly used in costume jewelry, hair jewelry, musical instruments, and much more.


Nickel can be shaped into different pieces and can be styled into different designs. 925 real silver But some people who have sensitive skin can cause rash and redness.

You should avoid wearing this if you have hypoallergenic skin. It is a trick to the customers as 925 real silver. Here are some pros and cons to nickel silver.


Easily shaped into different designsNOT silver jewelry
Not expensiveNot good for hypoallergenic skin


Silver Plating Jewelry


This type of silver is known as base metals. It consists of a very thin layer of silver of the piece of jewelry. This is usually used for cutlery or jewelry as well. To create this thin layer on any item. 925 real silver  The item has to be electrically charged and all the silver particles attract to its surface. 

This silver-plated item lasts for a very short period. The surface which is coated with silver fades away and leaves you with nothing but a simple metal. 


Silver-plated jewelry is very affordable and used for costume jewelry like nickel jewelry. Here are the pros and cons of silver plating.


Reasonable priceA thin layer of silver
Good qualityNot strong
Used in costume jewelryNot suitable for hypoallergenic


925 real silver

Silver Filled Jewelry


Silver-filled is another thick layered metal that was simply presented during the ongoing flood of silver costs during the downturn. It is anything but an amalgam because the metal isn’t the equivalent all through the material. 925 real silver It contains a few of the percentages of sterling silver on the surface of the jewelry.

It is hard to take care of this particular silver because it can easily rust away with just little exposure to any kind of liquids.

Silver filled is a type of plating rather than a type of silver because it is just a thick layer of plating on top of jewelry pieces. Here are the pros and cons of silver filled jewelry.


AffordableNot hypoallergenic 
A thick layer of 925 real silverTarnish easily


Tribal silver


It is a type of alloy that is also known for base metals. Just like nickel silver, it is also known as “silver” jewelry because of its look. It is used in unnaturalized jewelry. It is known for its design than for its properties.


The contents of the alloy may either contain a lot of 925 real silver or not at all. You should keep it away from children because it may contain some type of harmful like lead in them. Here are some pros and cons of tribal silver.


Attractive designsContain dangerous metals
AffordableSoft metal



Lastly, you should continuously make sure to buy from a trustworthy retailer and get some information about the combination of the types of 925 real silver. If by any chance that you have metal hypersensitivities, stay away from those that contain nickel.

Now that you think about the various kinds of silver and their pros and cons, as also mentioned in the article above. You have the information to locate that silver gems that are directly for you.

Continuously check the quality stamp and consider things like the beginning, the reputation of the vendor, and the nature of craftsmanship of your piece.