3 Black Onyx Marcasite Engagement Rings That Are Worth the Buy

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Black onyx marcasite engagement rings are becoming popular everywhere! Do you want to know why? Well, these are not just like any other rings. Black onyx itself is a smooth-surfaced gemstone that is quite attractive and a very unusual choice as an engagement ring. If you’re up for buying something different from all typical choices for an engagement ring, then keep on reading ahead to find 3 types of a black onyx ring that are worth the buy.


Onyx engagement rings


Engagement Rings

  • Black Onyx Ying-Yang Marcasite Engagement Rings:

This beautifully designed black onyx ring is perfect for your partner if they’re into wearing artistic jewelry. Engagement Rings This selection has a heart-shaped ying-yang design that has one side covered with marcasite stones, while the other side has a black onyx gemstone.


Engagement Rings

  • Checkerboard-Cut Onyx Marcasite Engagement Rings:

If you’re looking for a big engagement ring that can be noticed from a distance, then you should be looking for these kinds of marcasite engagement rings. wholesale sterling silver It has a square checkerboard onyx gemstone in the center with identical oval gems on each side surrounded by marcasite stones. 


Engagement Rings


  • Marquise-Shaped Black Onyx Marcasite Engagement Rings:


If your partner loves wearing funky rings all the time, then looking for these marquise-shaped marcasite rings is the best idea to go for. It has a smooth-surfaced black onyx stone in the center with marcasite stones around it. marcasite ring It looks extremely gorgeous just at one glance; imagine your loved one wearing it all the time.

  • They don’t wear off that easily:

Marcasite earrings are made of silver, and silver never wears off that easily. These are durable, resistant and also skin-friendly. So, you won’t have to worry about having red ear lobes all the time with irritation.

With our guidance on black onyx marcasite engagement rings, we really hope that you are convinced to buy something unique for your partner as a gift.

What more could make your engagement special than seeing your partner jumping in joy by receiving this beautiful ring?