How to Check Real Silver or Real Sterling Silver

Real Silver

This is the ultimate guide on How to check real silver or real sterling silver.  Have you ever wondered that your silver jewelry is really made of real silver?  Let get your jewelry items and make some test.  When opting for silver jewellery you have to give preference to 925 sterling silver over the 99.99% pure silver. This is because pure silver is extremely soft and malleable and it is not possible creating jewelry designs with the 99.99% pure silver.


This is the reason we use the term “sterling silver” or “925 silver” which means it contains 92.5% silver and the rest are other metals most commonly copper. Real Silver The benefit that 925 silver provides is that it becomes a little hard through which giving intricate and complex designs to the jewellery becomes possible. 


How to Recognize the Real Silver from Plated Silver Jewellery.


However, the hard part is to recognize the real sterling silver from the silver plated jewellery. This is crucial as jewellers often sell silver plated jewellery with the name of 925 silver. Therefore here are some ways that will help you to differentiate between the real silver and fake 925 sterling silver.


Real Silver

  1. Hallmark test:

The real 925 sterling silver contains some markings at a hidden place which are called the “hallmarks”. You must inspect the piece thoroughly to find the marks. There must be the imprints such as “925”, “Sterling”. If you do not find these hallmarks then it is more likely that the jewellery is fake, however, you must go through other tests to check the authenticity.


  1. Magnet test:

The easiest way to check the purity of the sterling silver is to hold a magnet near it, if it gets attracted towards it then it is not pure 925 sterling silver. Shiny metals such as gold and silver are not magnetic therefore they are not attracted by the magnet.


Real Silver

  1. Weight test:

If you have any Real Silver  sterling silver jewelry wholesale ring that you are certain that it is genuine and real, then compare the weights of the two pieces, if there weighs match then it is very likely that the silver piece you are going to purchase is real sterling silver.


  1. Rubbing it with a cloth:

When you rub the 925 sterling silver with a light coloured cloth you will find some black marks on the cloth. If the jewellery is not genuine then the cloth will come away spotless and without any marks. Items that are silver-plated brass, nickel silver or low-quality silver will turn green. Be aware that nitric acid will leave a permanent discoloration on your item, so make sure it is applied in an inconspicuous spot.


  1. Check for tarnish:

Sterling silver has the ability to tarnish, this is due to the content of copper in it which reacts to moisture, oxygen as well as sulfur in the air. This is the reason that you have to clean it after using jewelry and keep it in zip-lock bag for keeping it shiny.  When you go for purchasing the sterling silver jewellery, if the pieces have tarnish over them, it is not a bad sign instead of a sign of the purity of 925 silver. If you polish them with a silver polish cloth and the real sterling silver will be easily cleaned and turn shiny.    


  1. Real Sterling Silver VS Silver Plated Jewellery

For the above physical test can not certify the real sterling silver. Only certain chemical test can distinguish silver-plated from real silver items in which physical testing could miss.    


Real Silver

*** Nitric acid test:

You need to be extra careful while performing this test. You can check the genuinity of the sterling silver piece by pouring a small drop of nitric acid over it. The nitric acid has high copper content which discolours silver-plated or non-silver items. Real Silver Items that are silver-plated brass, nickel silver or low-quality silver will turn green. wholesale sterling silver Be aware that nitric acid will leave a permanent discoloration on your item, so make sure it is applied in an inconspicuous spot.


Without the chemical test, you have to wait until the silver plating wear off, but it can take long time. Once the plating eventually rub off, the base metal will show up.  The jewellery will be heavily tarnished and the silver polishing cloth or any silver solution will not turn your jewelry shiny again. 


I would recommend buying your jewelry piece from the reputable company which give guarantee for 925 sterling silver authenticity.  Browse our full collection of authentic sterling silver to finish your look with some sparkle and to compliment your outfit.