Things to avoid doing while wearing wholesale sterling silver jewelry

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Whenever you buy wholesale sterling silver jewelry you must keep in mind that you will need to take care of it for it to last longer. No matter how high quality your sterling silver is, it will tarnish after some time. This is because sterling silver contains only 92.5% of silver and the other percentage with mixed metals. Hence, the other mixed metals cause tarnish. There are certain things you should avoid so that your jewelry doesn’t spoil quickly. But you don’t need to worry about the correct knowledge you are good to go by reading the article. This article mentions some tips that you should avoid doing while wearing your wholesale sterling silver jewelry.


Not cleaning your sterling silver jewelry


A very common misconception that how can a piece of jewelry be dirty or should be cleaned? The simple answer to this is YES! It should be cleaned properly with proper instructions. Like other materials, it can also store dirt while you perform different activities. Most importantly, the oil it absorbs from your skin and makes it even more prone to tarnish. Therefore, for wholesale earrings, you should consider cleaning your jewelry now and then. 


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It is very easy to take care of your jewelry. Just search for some tips on cleaning your wholesale sterling silver jewelry. Some common suggestion is to just wash it off with soap and clean it with wipe it off with a damp towel. 


Not storing jewelry at a proper place


You must accurately store your jewelry. Sometimes people store many different wholesales sterling silver jewelry items together. This results in the rubbing of multiple pieces of jewelry together and hence they are damaged.


You must take care that you keep your jewelry in different sections of the jewelry box or wardrobe. For most of the part, you have to understand that it should be kept in a humid place. If you live in a humid area then you should cover it and place it safely. You also don’t have to hang around the necklaces or rings separately in the air because that will cause the jewelry to be dusty. 


Avoid keeping the jewelry items on wooden tables or directly under the sun because they cause the sterling silver to be damage even quicker!


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Avoid the use of water


Water is the biggest enemy of wholesale sterling silver jewelry. You have to make sure that you avoid water activities like don’t go swimming while wearing any of these precious gems. Other than that, you must not do home chores because while cleaning the dishes or washroom we are in contact with detergents and heavy chemicals. And these cause serious damages to wholesale sterling silver jewelry.


Any type of chemical will ruin your jewelry. Take them off before taking shower. Put on perfumes and lotion and then the jewelry rather than afterward.


Mixing two metals


You shouldn’t be mixing two metals like silver and gold or rose gold, copper, etc with each other. It should be strictly one separate metal. Don’t mix them and wear them. It is very difficult to carry wearing two different color metals together. Different metals match with different skin tones. wholesale sterling silver But you can style it any way you want. All that matters is that you must look amazing!


Choose wisely before buying


While buying wholesale sterling silver you must keep in mind that what exactly is the event and what do you want to buy. Maybe you will find a beautiful necklace, very classy for an event but won’t be used as many times as it is worth like at everyday office work. Therefore, buy something worth it and can go in a different outfit at the same time.


You should be careful when buying necklaces. You must keep in mind the length you want to buy since long chain necklaces go with long neck while short necklaces choker style goes with short necklaces. Furthermore, earrings go with the type of hairstyle you make. I keep them open then something small and delicate will look good. While on the other hand, if you plan to make a bun or high pony then you must wear what is prominent in that area. 


Not wearing jewelry often 


You need to get creative when wearing wholesale sterling silver jewelry items. Wearing different jewelry every day. This will create a unique look for you every day. If you are a woman who loves to complete your look with jewelry then you would put on more jewelry. From earrings to necklaces and rings. You’ll style your look with classy jewelry.


You should realize that playing around with your jewelry pieces, mix and matching them will upgrade your fashion and you will no longer be boring. If you feel like adding more to your jewelry consider putting together your old or everyday jewelry with something special.


Many people say that it looks too off wearing jewelry every day. That’s why they wear jewelry just on special occasions. This misunderstanding is completely wrong. Jewelry makes you look elegant in any way. If normally you wear rings to office or work. The next day wears them with a watch and then pair the watch with a bracelet. In this way, you will always be wearing a jewelry item. Whether it is at work, a party, or even at home. 




You must feel satisfied and comfortable while wearing wholesale sterling silver because that’s all that matters. These tips which are mentioned above will help to keep your jewelry as new as ever and also guide you through everyday common mistakes we all do and what should be done to avoid them. You need to be high maintenance and take good care while storing them as well as cleaning them. Always remember the beauty of wearing wholesale sterling silver always comes within you therefore if you feeling like wearing a piece of particular jewelry then wear it with full confidence. I assure you it will look remarkable!